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Cloud Backups

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We talk quite a bit about backups here at Frankenstein.  Without proper backups, when disaster hits your precious data is lost forever.  Whether that disaster takes the form of catastrophic hardware failure, natural disaster or a serious infection like ransomware, the only way to safeguard against it is to back-up properly.

Not only your files are what can be backed up.  You can also backup up an image of your system.  What an image backup does is saves a snapshot of your entire system including the operating system and programs that are installed.  Even if your computer is completely destroyed we can restore that image to a new computer and it will be as if nothing ever happened.

File backups are very important too.  If you need to “undelete” a file or restore all of your personal files as a result of a ransomware infection, file backups are key.  Online file backup solutions offer file history also.  What that means is that if you want a copy of a file that was saved over several times over you simply browse through the backup history for that particular file and restore the version of it that suits you.

There are many cloud backup solutions to choose from but we have a couple favorites.

CrashPlan & BackBlaze

Which one we would recommend for you depends on if you’re an individual or an organization and what your specific needs are.

Our CrashPlan enterprise account has added benefits over a regular account (call for details)

…and here is a link to BackBlaze


Regardless of what you choose, we cannot stress it enough… BACK UP YOUR DATA!