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Customize Your Install

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click happy

We are all guilty of it, when we go to install or update a piece of software we get impatient and go click happy on the “Next” button. Well this can be very dangerous.

“Why?” You ask?

Well, while the program itself is from a reputable and legitimate company ~at least you hope~, sometimes these pieces of software will have “not so good” software tied to the installation. Some examples include: Slimcleaner Pro, DriverUpdater, and regcleaner. Now these are actually tools that CAN do your system some good, but they can also do a LOT of bad.

So how do you stop these programs from sneaking in with your other software?

Simple! Use the “custom install” option; what this does is allows you to choose what you want installed. So you can choose to not install these “not so good” pieces of software. Now this is considered “advanced” by the software companies but it should be one of the first things that you learn on a system.

If you are not comfortable or have some questions regarding what you should avoid installing feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to provide you IT Support, and advice.

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