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Build your own system 2020 Edition

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With a new year and new CES in our back pocket we have the road map of all the new computer cases and components that will be releasing this year. Just like 2019, 2020 will be another great year to build a custom system. While this will not apply to many of our clients it is still a good thing to know what your options are when it comes to purchasing a computer system.

Whether building it yourself or commissioning a company to build it for you a Custom System build is one of the best ways to know you are getting a quality product. You know exactly what is going to go into the system and where the parts are coming from. A lot of pre-built systems (Dell, HP, Acer) use proprietary parts that just meet industry standards, primarily the motherboard.

There are a few exceptions to this rule in their higher-end desktops and laptops, but in general the parts are very cheap, allowing them to keep their costs low. However due to these proprietary parts, many of these pre-built systems do not allow, or even have, an upgrade path outside of RAM, Hard Drive, and Video Card.

The primary thing to be aware of if you are interested in commissioning a custom-built system not all parts are interchangeable. Certain motherboards will work with certain processors, Intel processors will not work with AMD motherboards for example and vice versa. A lot of research needs to go into a build before purchasing parts if building yourself.

We offer consulting services for those wishing to purchase parts and want to make sure the parts are compatible. We also offer full purchase and assembly services; these services are offered to clients that need high-end systems that need to meet specific requirements.

We also offer assembly services to clients that have done the research and purchased the parts but just do not quite feel comfortable with the assembly process. Cable management and hardware testing are included with these services, if an OS install is also requested, we include optimizing and bench-marking services as well. These services are an additional cost and should also be considered when coming up with a budget for your build.

Here are a few tips when you are budgeting for a build:

  1. Expect your GPU (if it’s required) to be between 30 and 50% of your total budget
  2. Expect your CPU to be between 15 and 20% of your total budget
  3. Keep the cost of your Operating system in mind, windows can run between $100 and $200
  4. If you are going to “cheap out” on any part go with RAM, it can be easily upgraded later

These are simply a few tips to help you get started. If you would like we do have consultation slots available in shop to go over potential issues or concerns, you have. We are your number one source for Custom Computer Builds in Austin. We look forward to providing you an amazing system that will last you years and that you are proud to show off.

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