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AMD reveals the Ryzen 5 series

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better than the rumors

Better than the rumors!

Earlier this month AMD released their first new processor in nearly 5 years. When I say new, I mean Brand New. Their Ryzen processors feature brand new architecture never before seen. While the new processor has had mixed reception, especially among the gaming community, the overall performance of the new processor cannot be denied. Their new Flagship Ryzen 7 series featured three SKUs: Ryzen 7 1800x, 1700x, and 1700. These 3 processors are 8core/16thread work horses, featuring an average boost clock around 3.8Ghz with the 1800x going all the way to 4.0Ghz(Base 3.6Ghz). These 3 processors also cornered a market in the mid range consumer CPUs where only the i5 quad cores dwelled. This allowed consumers to get their hands on high core count processors without having to take a mortgage out on their homes. AMD has now announced the Ryzen 5 and 3 series, and the facts actually put the rumors to shame.

Today we will be looking at two of the Ryzen 5 series processors. We are going to start with the 1600x a 6 core and 12 thread processor running at 3.6Ghz base, with a boost up to 4.0Ghz. Now this is looking to be the sweet spot in terms of price as well as performance. However only time will tell, as cost is still TBD and paper specs are only able show so much. Next up we have the 1400x this is actually their first 4 core 8 thread processor in the Ryzen architecture. This is also running a pretty high clock speed, with a 3.5Ghz base clock that can boost to 3.9Ghz. Being that this is a 4c/8t processor this may be the “budget” workstation or gaming processor in the future. Again only time will tell as we have yet to see the real world performance of these processors.

Ryzen 5 series processors full details


We are excited for the new AMD processors and will be keeping an eye on these to see how they mature. As with all new things, time is needed to work out the kinks, the Wright Brothers didn’t fly on their first time out. We don’t expect Ryzen to blow us away out of the gate, but so far they are at least meeting our expectations.

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