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Backup Your System Files, It’s Very Important

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Backing Up Data all of your data

If you have ever run into an issue with your system crashing or your hard drive failing and you ended up losing all of your data then you have to know how important it is to have backups of your documents, pictures, download files etc.

A major factor that all computer users need to be hyper aware of either if you are a Mac or a PC user is that your hardware components can fail at any time for a number of reasons. Your hard drive after so many years can just simply become over worked and start to have bad sectors which will cause total data lossage.

Your CPU which is the brain of your system can overheat and burn out meaning you will no longer be able to boot up your workstation at all which can also cause issues with data lossage and your motherboard could simply die which could kill the rest of your hardware. All of that being said, this is why it is so important to have backups set up and running for your data.

Not only is it important to have local backups set up using either the built in Windows backup option or an external hard drive but it is also important to have cloud backups set up so if the local backups happen to get wiped or fail you have a secondary option.

There are several cloud backup services out there that anyone can use. We do offer a paid service called CrashPlan that is hosted through a software company called Code42 that is an excellent choice for cloud backups and if your local backups do end up failing, we can help you restore all of your files. We also can help you set up another cloud service called Carbonite which is a paid software as well.

Now, if you are not interested in paying for a cloud backup service there are other free options out there. There is OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, and many more. These services are great choices if you also are interested in sharing files with other users because once you create the account you can provide your log in information for the account to who you would like to share your data with, and they can sign in and view the information as well as add documents and other data to that location.

Another thing to be very aware of is that if you do happen to have system failure without backups configured we can always check your drive through our data recovery system in-shop however, if the drive has completely failed and we are not able to access any files we would have to refer you to a data recover center but you do not want to start with that option due to the large cost amount.

If you are interested in assistance with getting backups configured either with local, cloud or both we can help you with this process so please do not consider hesitating, contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking as we are always happy to assist with any of your computing needs.

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