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Be Aware of Ransomware

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aware of the severity of ransomware is on the rise

If you are not familiar with the term “Ransomware” it is very important that you become aware of the severity of this infection as it is the most catastrophic of infections you can possibly get on your system if you are a day to day computer user.

A Ransomware attack can simply be caused by clicking on invalid links through the web or even opening malicious attachments through your email. Once a Ransomware attack occurs, you typically will be locked out of your computer and the attackers will not release your system to you unless you send them gift cards with large amounts of money loaded on them and normally they will never release your system so a wipe and reinstall of Windows would be the only option once it occurs.

Most recently, a US Fuel pipeline was hit with a Ransomware attack which wreaked havoc on their computer systems and the recent gas shortages show that it can cause much more damage than you would think. Nearly three decades after the inventor of Ransomware attacked the World Health Organization’s international AIDS conference with infected floppy disks, it has been stated that the year 2020 was the worst year to date for ransomware attacks.

One of the main points to take into consideration with this situation is that criminal organizations behind Ransomware attacks do not care if the victim is an individual or a business, they just want to get paid. The reason this is so important to be aware of is that you can just be a home computer user and you still can possibly fall victim to a Ransomware attack. Also, users need to be extra aware that these forms of attacks are prevalent through pornography and pirate websites.

Another very important fact is that since older operating systems such as Windows 7 are no longer supported, they are extremely vulnerable to Ransomware as they are not protected and basically have an open door to cyber criminals. If you unfortunately fall victim to a Ransomware attack the best thing to do is not provide any information whatsoever to the attackers and shut down your system immediately.

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