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Avoiding Scammers

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Here at Frankenstein Computers we have seen another recent spike in customers calling regarding their computers being compromised by scammers and would like to take a moment to remind you how to avoid them.  

Typically, when it comes to scammers using your computer to ‘get you’ they come in two different methods.  The most frequent reported method is the cold calling spam call.  A ‘representative’ from a computer company (such as ‘Microsoft’) simply calls you to say they have some reason or another to believe your computer has been compromised and they need access to your computer to fix it.  Thankfully in the days of constant spam phone calls we are all generally more aware of these. 

But keep in mind, nobody from these large companies are ever going to call you for these reasons.  And, should you ever suspect a call like this to be legitimate, hang up the call and find the company’s official number yourself and call the company yourself.  (Much like you would if you got a call from your ‘bank.’) These are simply credit card scams, trying to use buzz words and computer jargon to convince you they can fix your issue quickly for a small fee.  Where in reality they are just trying to get you to provide a credit card number.

The second method is a form of online advertisement pop-up or caught malware that pops up on your screen saying there is some issue with your computer and to call the number provided.  Most often we hear these reported when a customer clicked on an email or link they should not have, or they caught some type of malicious bug from a website. 

Again, often using computer jargon the message on your screen is made to scare you into calling the listed number to have the issue resolved.  Where in actuality you will get connected to a scammer who will talk you into providing access to your computer where they effectively try to hold it hostage until you are able to provide a credit card number to ‘fix’ the issue.  Again, nothing more than another credit card scam disguised as support.

With the second listed method Frankenstein Computers can often resolve this for you very quickly when it occurs. However, if you end up being talked into letting a scammer onto your system a much more thorough cleaning of the computer becomes more required as they will often lock the computer down or leave backdoor access for themselves in the future.  Like receiving a call from a random number, never call a suspected support number without rigorous verification of its legitimacy.  

In either case, always call us first at Frankenstein Computers.  We can help you avoid potential compromisation or, if you worry you have already been compromised we can help prevent it from escalating and getting you back to where you were.  

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