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Avoid Windows 11

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windows 11

Windows 11

If you have purchased a new PC within the last few months you might have noticed that most are now coming with Windows 11 pre-installed. Or, if you are trying to install any operating system updates on your Windows 10 PC you have most likely seen the message that it is time to upgrade to Windows 11. Well that being said, from a tech stand point, we are doing pretty much everything we can to keep our clients from upgrading to Windows 11 for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, any time a new operating system is released it takes a while for the host, in this case being Microsoft, to release patches for any issues with the OS however, Windows 11 has not been working out too well with its short run so far. The OS has been causing issues with printing for users, issues with general software compatibility, and also users are not happy with the layout because they are having issues locating items now that things look a little different from what we are all used to with Windows 10.

There is also news floating around that Microsoft has already been talking about abandoning the OS and moving on to a Windows 12 due to several issues and this OS was apparently supposed to have been a beta testing software to begin with. Now, if you have purchased a new workstation that came with Windows 11 per-installed we do have the ability to wipe the OS and install Windows 10, or if you have happened to upgrade on your own through your system update settings most workstations do have a roll back option that can get you to Windows 10 again.

If this is an area that interests you and you would like some assistance or have any questions on what you should do to avoid Windows 11 or get back to Windows 10 please do not hesitate to contact us here at Frankenstein Computers and Networking as we are always here to take care of your tech needs.

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