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Apple Self-Service Repair Program

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Recently Apple announced the “Apple Self-Service Repair” program.

This program only applies to the two newest iPhones (12 and 13), but will apparently be expanded to iPads and possibly Apple laptops in the future. This is a huge step for Apple as they have routinely been against repairs being performed by anyone other than their own “Apple Certified” repair technicians or providers.

There is a huge push for devices to be repairable and refurbishable easily by end-users in the “Right to Repair” movement. Apple has been a huge opponent to this movement. However, if this new repair program is more than a PR stunt to appease a deadline that also happened to coincide with the announcement of the program, then I look forward to seeing this program succeed.

The “Apple Self-Service Repair” program will allow users access to not only parts but also tools and schematics needed to perform the repairs required. With over 200 parts accessible which include screens, camera modules, batteries, and other parts that were previously deemed as “non-user serviceable parts”.

This program will most likely not extend to independent repair shops at first as the devices will most likely need to be registered with Apple under a unique Apple ID. However, that does not mean that independent shops can’t help you. Placing the request for the parts, tools, and schematics can be done by the end-user and then once the items arrive you can take it to an independent repair shop and have them do the work for you.

Many people may remember the “Independent Repair Provider Program” that was supposed to allow easy access to Apple parts. However the program actually required repair centers to force expensive repairs onto users due to Apple only giving repair shops access to “assemblies” rather than individual parts such as keyboards, batteries, or LCDs. While the repairs are more difficult to replace individual parts, the savings that come from not having to buy a full assembly would make it more cost effective.

As an Independent repair shop we look forward to this program succeeding. We’ve repaired many Apple laptops, and if the parts are easily available, we hope to repair many more. Apple products, when they work, are some of the longest living devices. If we can keep them going even longer that will reduce the devices that are thrown away and put in a landfill. If you need an Apple device repaired, bring it to the shop. We will look at it and if it can be repaired, either by us or by another shop, we will do everything we can to keep it running. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding our services.

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