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Tips for some of the new iOS6 added features

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Today Tim Cook , the CEO of Apple, announced via the Apple website an apology about the updated Maps app which no longer uses the previous Google Maps. 

There’s no mistake that currently the new app is a bit of a downgrade but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some handy new features that got added to your iPhone that you may not know about.    Turn your phone sideways into landscape mode and you may notice a new button (outward facing arrows) that when tapped will put your browser into full screen mode!  The upgrade has also added major Facebook (and updated previous Twitter) integration into the phone.  These features will let you update and tweet things such as pictures much easier as well as integrate other information gathered from Facebook into your phone (such as contact information).

Don’t want these features but still like the apps?  Simply access your settings section and choose the app and disable the ‘Allow These Apps to Use Your Account’ features.  Sometimes I find someone wanting to look at something on my iPhone but I’m hesitant of them poking around, simply load the new Guided Access feature under your Settings (General ->Accessibility->Guided Access) to lock the phone into only having access to the app(s) of your choice! 

A feature I could have really used on my last flight is the new ‘Add to Reading List’ function in Safari, giving you the ability to find a website you would like to read at a later point when you might not have internet access.  There are many, many more added features, these are simply some of my favorites, simply ‘Google’ iOS6 tips and check out some of the fun new features!

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