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Alert: New Virus: AVG FAKE ANTI-VIRUS (AVG 2011 Trial Edition) By Ryan

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In late January a new virus (or fake anti-virus) has cropped up and is now sweeping the web.  The virus is malware that disguises itself as AVG 2011 Trial Edition.  One of the biggest red flags one would notice is AVG blocking you from accessing many functions of your computer.  For example, you may be able to open your control panel but cannot open Add/Remove Programs.  Often times you will see this program immediately start scanning your system while making sure you can see that its scanning.  The fake software will notify you of massive infections it has discovered; however, they can only be removed if you purchase the software.  DO NOT enter any credit card information.  Attempt to scan the system with any anti-virus you may have on your system.  As this new virus is VERY new there is a large change it may not be able to remove it.  In this case bring the system to an experienced repair tech as soon as possible or, if near the Austin area call us at 512-419-9777,