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Voice Cloning Scams

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AI Voice Cloning

Believe it or not, one day in the near future you may get a call from a loved one, friend, or family member asking for money but, the person on the other end of the phone is not a person at all, it is an A.I. This new technology only needs a small sample of your voice in order to clone it good enough to fool your close friends, loved ones, and family. The scammers can get your voice from videos that you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other social media sites. Then, after stealing your voice, the AI calls people close to you and asks for money, gift cards, etc.

I recommend making a personal rule for yourself, to never send money or help to a loved one without calling them first. Basically, if you get a call from a loved one that is asking for money tell them you will call them right back. Hang up and call them to see if it was actually that person that called you. At that point, you will know if you were just talking with an A.I.

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