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A Sneaky Mac Malware Is On The Rise

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The misconception that Macs cannot get infected took quite a hit in the past decade but a proficient bit of malware has seen quite an uptick in detections in the past few months.

The Shlayer Trojan is actually a delivery system for adware that is more annoying than destructive but its increase presence on the web we wanted to make sure our users were aware of it. The malware is snagging people by the most common method, of hoping users click on an advertisement on the Internet that the infection is embedded in.  The worry is that Mac users may be so used to the belief that their systems are air tight that they might not be as concerned about clicking on ads and catching infections as other computer users.

The primary reason the malware is showing up everywhere is the makers of the infection and ads that contain the infection are doing a great job of tricking websites into displaying their ads.  Most websites use different levels of their own protections to make sure Ads do not have embedded infections theirs are slipping though. PC users have certainly been aware of the dangers of clicking on ads on the Internet but Mac users may not be.

So just a quick reminder to all computer users DO NOT click on any ads and NEVER open e-mails/attachments from senders you do not know. And, of course, should you get any infections of any type on your computer Frankenstein Computers can remove them for you but a little bit of safe browsing habits should keep most users from getting caught by this infection.

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