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Top Scams in the Austin-Area reported to the Better Business Bureau

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As the saying goes if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. Many cautionary tales of scams in life fully apply to online activity. We are here to show you some of the top scams reported. In Austin Texas the BBB shows an average of 18 scams reported monthly nearing $75,000 in losses.

The 5 Top Scams are as follows:

1. Online Purchases

While there is a wide range of products pets was the most commonly reported scam. Vehicles, health and beauty products, kitchen appliances, and even hay were reported products.

2. Employment

Employment scammers often entice people to apply for the fake position by offering high wages, flexible hours and remote work opportunities. In the recruiting process they will ask for sensitive information which can lead to identity theft

3. Phishing

Phishing scams are often emails or texts trying to represent well-known companies or fraud prevention department from your bank or utility company. The links provided might mimic the source companies but will try to scam your account or billing information from you.

4. Sweepstakes, Prizes and Lottery

Pay it forward claims of sharing large sum winnings to strangers are another reported fraud. Free products, such as Dyson vacuums or free travel packages, are offered in exchange for taking a survey. They will often ask for a small processing fee to obtain your personal information.

5. Debt Collection

These often involve claims of legal action beginning or will begin against you unless you take immediate action. Scare tactics are employed to fool people claiming outstanding debts due to credit cards or unpaid tickets, utility bills or taxes.

As always if you receive any notifications or requests that ask for your personal information verify the source of the message. Banks, credit cards, and other financial institutions will never ask for your information over text, email, or random website pop-up so always be on guard when you see these. If you are the victim of a scam you can report it to the Better Business Bureau at and if you have concerns on your personal computer you can give us a call for virus removal and overall support.

Surmised from an article at KXAN

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