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Upgrading your graphics card? 4000 series! THIS is the way!

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4000 series for gaming

4000 Series for Gaming

The most recent Nvidia graphics cards are the only way to go these days for gaming. Their cheapest option is a 4060 at the $300 -$400 price range, and has quite the competitive benchmark when comparing to older series. This card comes with 8GB of video ram which is enough to play most Anticipated Games these days. There are few reasons to buy an older series unless it’s dirt cheap.

On older series cards, you could link multiple GPUs together and they would perform together almost doubling in performance. Nvidia has removed these features over the years and the 4000 series don’t have this function, yet it isn’t needed as the new cards perform about twice as good as the old ones and with a higher video RAM base line. All the 4000 series are amazing and pay off.  

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