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3 Common LinkedIN scams

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3 common linkedIN scams

3 Common Linkedin Scams

Fake job scam: One of the most common LinkedIn scams involves using fake employment. Scammers post fake jobs for real companies. When you change your status to “open to work,” scammers can and often do, target you as their next victim.

These “recruiters” will often request your Social Security number and banking information. After they gain access to your information, they disappear with no trace. Be cautious of their scams, especially if you never applied for the position.

 How to avoid it:

  • Use caution if the position appears too good to be true.
  • Check the company’s website to verify the information
  • Never share personal information like your number or your physical address on your resume.
  • Don’t do an interview over text or on social media apps like WhatsApp or snapchat.

Tech Support: Another common scam on LinkedIn is claiming linkedIN offers phone support. LinkedIn doesn’t have a phone support number. The scammers will insist they are part of a LinkedIN tech support team.

If you receive an email claiming there is an issue with your LinkedIn account via LinkedIn messages, emails, or phone calls, it’s likely is a scam. Scammers might ask you to enter personal information or use a link that triggers different types of malware to download onto your device. These fake tech support agents might even require payment to handle these “account issues.”

How to avoid it:

  • LinkedIn doesn’t have a customer service phone number
  • Don’t click on any suspicious links claiming to be from the LinkedIn IT team.
  • LinkedIn will never ask you for your password.

Connection scams: Its common on social media platforms to receive connection requests from scammers. But with a LinkedIN connection scammer, they will often request you provide personal information or trick you in to clicking one of their malicious links.

How to avoid it:

  • Don’t accept connection requests from people not connected to anyone you know.
  • Watch out for strange messages that are full of spelling errors
  • Delete connection requests from people who seem overly aggressive and pushy

Scammers are everywhere and will use any trick they can to get your information. The best practice is to always use caution and never jump blindly at any information request. The internet is a vicious place, protect yourself.

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