PC Cleaning Apps are a Scam: Here’s Why

PC cleaning apps are digital snake oil. The web is full of ads for applications that want to “clean your PC” and “make it feel like new.” Don’t pull out your credit card — these apps are terrible and you don’t need them. If you do want to “clean your PC,” you can give Frankenstein […]

The Internet is 20

The first web page on the internet will be restored and re-launched on the Internet to celebrate 20 years of the World Wide Web.  It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).  They will also be restoring the computer that they used to build the web page.  The web page was built […]

Congratulations to Vitalogy Skincare!

Congratulations are in order for our very best client Vitalogy Skincare on their groundbreaking event. The new full facility is located in Georgetown at 4513 Williams Drive (across from HEB and next to Wells Fargo Bank) We wish them ALL THE BEST with their new venture and know that it will be a GREAT SUCCESS!