Backups…Keep your Data Safe

We, at Frankenstein Computers, recommend that you keep your backup files in different locations. We recommend using (2) identical external hard drives to back up to. You should swap out the external drives weekly so you have an onsite and office copy of your data. This also allows you to go back (2) weeks to […]

Computer Repair Austin, Virus Removal Austin, Frankenstein Computers

Here at Frankenstein Computers, we pride ourselves on giving the best customer service when it comes to IT repair in Austin. For any IT support issue including virus removal and virus repair, we strive to give the best support and service we can.  We are approaching serving our 10,000th customer and we are looking forward […]

Why are Progress Bars Generally Inaccurate?

At first thought, it seems that generating an accurate estimation of time should be fairly easy. After all, the algorithm producing the progress bar knows all the tasks it needs to do ahead of time… right? For the most part, it is true that the source algorithm does know what it needs to do ahead […]

Regular PC Maintenance

Here at Frankenstein Computers, we recommend regular maintenance on your PC.  Easy Things to do are to run regular defragmentation of the hard drive and weekly virus scans.  Check to make sure your anti-virus program is up-to-date and run a scan at night when you are not on the PC.  We also recommend regular physical […]

Virus Removal in Austin

I have found that many companies remove viruses by wiping the operating system and then reinstalling it. this does remove the virus but it also removes all of your programs and files. Although this is the easy way to do it we do not agree with this procedure. We charge a flat rate of $105 […]