Computer Repair Austin

It amazes me how many customers we get from other computer repair shops. They have either been charged way too much or have been charged and still have the issues. Please know that we repair computers and remove viruses at a fair price and on the same day in most cases. Put your trust in […]

Virus Removal Austin

We take virus removal seriously. Most companies will remove your viruses by wiping the hard drive, (losing all of your data and programs, and then reinstalling Windows. We do not take this approach because we know how important your files and programs are to you. We take the time and effort to remove the viruses […]

Change Your Password

Here is a list of the most common passwords used today.  The (value) is how it compares to last year. 1.password (Unchanged) 2.123456 (Unchanged) 3.12345678 (Unchanged) 4.abc123 (Up 1) 5.qwerty (Down 1) 6.monkey (Unchanged) 7.letmein (Up 1) 8.dragon (Up 2) 9.111111 (Up 3) (Up 1) 11.iloveyou (Up 2) 12.trustno1 (Down 3) 13.1234567 (Down 6) […]