Managed IT Support

We at Frankenstein Computers are happy to offer a new level of Complete IT Care for our clients. We will be rolling out these new services over the next few weeks. We will be offering several different levels of Managed IT Support in order to find the best fit for our current and future happy […]

Managed Services from Frankenstein Computers

Coming very soon to Frankenstein Computers, we will start offering Managed Service Plans along with our already great break/fix services.  We will offer 24/7 network monitoring, remote assistance, discounted hourly rates in-shop and on-site, and sophisticated trouble ticket systems.  We will be able to monitor bandwidth usage and trouble spots where more bandwidth is being […]

Support Scammer Update: Misrepresenting Task Manager

Support scammers, those knowledgeable and kind-hearted people who call you offering fake help for a fake problem on your computer – for a not-so-small fee- have to find ways in which to convince you that you have A Problem. They also have to convince you that it’s possible for them to have any knowledge of what is […]