Yahoo’s new browser AXIS

Late last night Yahoo unveiled their new ‘browser,’ Axis.  Axis comes in two different flavors.  Its primary target is the iOS app.  On the iPhone and iPad Axis is part search tool, part browser.  A search will start to load options and images as you type them in.  This, especially being its primary feature, is […]

Uninstall Socialcam on Facebook

One popular app for Facebook is Socialcam.  It is an app designed for sharing videos on your timeline.  The downside of the app is that it shares every video you watch and, even some you that you don’t watch, on your timeline.  Often these videos can have embarrassing or misleading titles.  We here at Frankenstein […]

Computer Repair Austin

Here at Frankenstein Computers we have been repairing computers, removing viruses, upgrading computers, providing superior IT support, and much more for 12 years now. We have a great staff that is here to help and will go out of our way to give the best support possible. Our prices are fair and we always try […]