Virus Repair in 24 hours Austin

Our staff loves to clean viruses, well, kill them actually. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can usually get your computer back to you in 24 hours. We know how important your computer is to you so we try really hard to make that happen. We have a flat rate of $90 to […]

Virus removal in Austin

When searching for virus removal Austin or virus repair Austin, you’ll find a lot of choices to choose from. At Frankenstein Computers we pride ourselves on being able to beat 99% of the viruses out there. If you feel you have a virus on your computer, the first thing you should do is turn your […]

Here at Frankenstein Computers

Here at Frankenstein Computers in North Austin, we all have Iphones and are very excited about the IOS 5 update. When I was looking around at Icloud online to see what was saved it got me thinking, people are so excited to back up their phone data, why not back up your laptop data? Especially […]

Computer Repair for business

In today’s business world, being without email for even 30 minutes is a crisis. At Frankenstein Computers we understand this and attack each issue as an emergency. We understand that our clients need all facets of their network operating at full capacity all of the time. We strive to give each of our clients better […]

On-Site Computer Repair in Austin

When it comes to getting your computer repaired at your place of business or your home, you want a company with a proven track record of service satisfaction as well as rapid response times. We at Frankenstein Computers and Networking pride ourselves, not only on solving our customers’ problems, but handling them, in most cases, […]