Broken Power Jacks

A common problem we see at Frankenstein Computers is a broken power jack on a laptop.  Some helpful tips could keep this from happening.  Try not to lay your laptop directly onto the couch or bed.  The laptop will sink into the pillow or cushion causing pressure on the power cord where it is plugged […]

Protect Personal Information

In today’s world there are so many people trying to make a quick buck and unfortunately it’s usually done by ripping someone off. I recently heard a story about someone who received a call claiming to be a well known company and asked for all of their bank account information and their social security number. […]

Why Heat and Hard Drives Don’t Mix

From Drive Savers… The summer months are upon us bringing with them heat, lightning storms and sever weather conditions that can wreak havoc upon the sensitive electronics of computers and other devices. It’s no secret that heat buildup, inside computers and external storage enclosures, can cause a total information meltdown if not properly controlled. And […]