The Importance of a Clean PC by Scott

                We all like to have things “clean”. Well, so does your computer. Keeping the inside of the computer as clean as the outside is important. When the insides of the computer get as dirty as these pictures show, your computer starts to overheat and can cause permanent damage, resulting in a dead computer, or […]

Laptop vs. Desktop by Mitch…

            Often, here at Frankenstein Computers, we get asked “What should I get, a laptop or a desktop?”  The answer is different depending on your needs.  Laptops are portable and convenient for people on the move.  Desktops are more permanent.  Laptops generally cost more but are more fragile.  Desktops aren’t moved around too much and […]

Managed Services is B.S.

I have been in the IT field for 15 years and have seen many improvements over time. One thing that I am not happy with is a little thing called “Managed Services”…This is code word for “we are going to rip you off for hundreds of dollars a month”…If you are currently paying a monthly […]

Outstanding Customer Service by Lauren…

While working the other day I heard a story about a customer who had a system looked at by another local company and they kept the system for two weeks and then advised the customer on what they believed would be the best option, which would have cost the customer about $150. Then the customer […]

Disk Cleanup

How to run a disk cleanup: Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP come with a Disk Cleanup utility. To run a disk cleanup, go to “Start”then click “Programs” (or in Windows Xp, “All Programs”) then click “Accessories” then click on “System Tools.” Then click “Disk Cleanup.” Another way to access disk cleanup is to go […]