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End of life for Windows 7

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windows 7 reached its end of life

As of today January 14, 2020 Windows 7 has officially reached its end of life.

Even though this is the case some companies will extend support for their products to later dates if you are planning to wait to upgrade to Windows 10, Google being one of them with their popular browser “Chrome”. Google is promising that they will continue support for Chrome on Windows 7 until at least July 15, 2021. This is important information especially for large companies who have designated Chrome as their worker’s primary browser over the last several years since its release.

Most companies as well as home users prefer Chrome for the browser’s management tools and sync skills that are offered. This is actually not the first time Google has done this as well. Back in April 2014 when Windows XP was coming up to its retirement Google notified users that it would continue to support Chrome on XP for two years after the operating system’s expiration. On the other hand however, Microsoft will be having a public debut for its refurbished Edge browser on Wednesday, January 15 which will feature Google’s Chromium technologies geared to be a better fit for enterprises.

That being said though it is still unclear at this point if the new Edge browser will still be supported by Microsoft on all Windows 7 PCs and not just those in organizations that have paid for Extended Support Updates. As always please let us know if you require our assistance in any way with your system repair needs or if you are ready to move to Windows 10 since we have reached the end of life for Windows 7.

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