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Windows 10 Creator’s Edition Update

Microsoft has released an update for the Windows 10 Operating System.  To say the least, it is massive.  It is called the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update.  This update has many people upset because of the length of time it takes to install.  On my home system, this update took 3 and ½ hours to download and install.  That’s fine on a home system but, it is happening to work PCs as well.  That’s half of a day of unworkable time.  Once this update begins, you can only stop it by turning off the PC.  If you turn off the PC, you will kill your Operating System and your PC will become unusable.  We have several on our bench for this reason right now.  If this update starts, you must let it finish.  I would recommend starting this update manually on your work PC at the end of the work day and let it run over night.  This may save you quite a bit of time and not waste a half of day at work.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us here at Frankenstein Computers.


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