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Are Neural Networks Evolving Beyond Our Understanding?

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neural networks

Neural Networks are basically individual computers that act as nodes or neurons of a larger computer “brain”.

Feed them a bunch of data (like astronomical or laboratory experiment data or facial recognition information) and they will eventually learn how to spot distant galaxies and genome or protein folding complexities or face recognition. This is REALLY cool, but we also do not quite understand what happens between the feeding in a bunch of data and the end result of learning.  This has a lot of people spooked and rumors of a dystopian robot future are gathering momentum.

More information about the different types of Neural Networks can be found here: Here is a video with more information on the subject and how we are using video games to try and figure out what the computers are “thinking”. Do you TRUST computers?  Have no fear, Frankenstein Computers is here to take the fear out of computing! Do not hesitate to stop in or give us a call if you ever have any questions!

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