Google … is all about Android

Google had their keynote this week and, as expected, it was all about Android. The first part of Google’s presentation was about their next build of Android 5.0, dubbed ‘L’, as presented by Google’s VP of Design, Matais Duarte. The important point, that they wanted to stress about their new build, is what they are […]

Grateful for the progress on BASIC’s birthday

HELLO BASIC READY RUN On May 1, 1964, in the wee hours of the morning, a professor at Dartmouth College and his student were sitting side by side in a basement, on campus. They both typed RUN on their terminals (read: monitors) and got correct answers to their simple programs … and time-sharing and BASIC […]


Which is the right Antivirus? Choosing the right anti-virus program can be a hard decision.  Every consumer review says something different about what brand or version is best. When it comes to anti-virus, you get what you pay for.  We at Frankenstein Computers base our opinion on the infected systems that we have to disinfect at our […]

Virus Removal Austin

We have had an increase in virus removals for our clients at Frankenstein Computers this month. We have been able to crush all of the viruses and have been able to give our happy clients clean systems back in about 24 hours. We want to remind all of our clients that it is ALWAYS best […]