Well, here we go again … the latest Ransomware virus is out. It is called CryptoDefense, and is yet another virus that encrypts your documents (including pictures, music, Quickbooks files, etc.) and holds them hostage. The virus itself is not difficult to get rid of; most malware scanners and anti-virus programs can detect and remove […]

Antivirus, a must have…

In today’s world, having updated antivirus running on your PC is a must. Without antivirus, you take a chance of losing your data, spending a bunch of money to disinfect your system, infecting other friends and families, and just a bunch of bad stuff altogether… Even though most folks know this, for some reason we get […]

Malware: Flame and Citadel

Over the past week two new major malware instances have been discovered.  The big one in the news recently is Flame.  What makes Flame special is the malware used a new type of infiltration with the help of its ability to abuse Microsft’s digital certificates.  The scariest part about Flame however is the fact that […]