We have migrated many of our clients to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones this year. This is a phone service that uses your data lines.  We find that the brand of router has A LOT to do with VoIP working …. or not.  When we started getting more VoIP migrations, we also made the […]

Tablet or Large Smartphone?

Remember the mid-2000s, when we thought the Blackberry was the be all! Such a big screen!! Now, it looks sooo tiny. Remember when the teeny screen of a Blackberry was all the rage? And then the teeny (well, it seems teeny today) iPhone first came out and we all gasped at the screen’s size (the […]

Malvertising on the Rise!

On August 5, security giant Cisco Systems released their midyear security report, which focused on multiple different vulnerabilities hackers are currently using, across the globe.  While most of the report featured numerous low-risk vulnerabilities, that we’ve been seeing for some time now, they also identified a new trend on the rise, called ‘malvertising’. Now, in today’s more […]

Best computer repair price austin tx

Frankenstein Computers has been serving Austin since 1999 and have MANY HAPPY customers! We charge LESS and give MORE service than any other IT/Computer company in Austin. YA, we could make more money but we are the kind of company that wants our clients to feel good when they receive an invoice from us and NOT […]

The Internet is 20

The first web page on the internet will be restored and re-launched on the Internet to celebrate 20 years of the World Wide Web.  It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).  They will also be restoring the computer that they used to build the web page.  The web page was built […]

Why are Progress Bars Generally Inaccurate?

At first thought, it seems that generating an accurate estimation of time should be fairly easy. After all, the algorithm producing the progress bar knows all the tasks it needs to do ahead of time… right? For the most part, it is true that the source algorithm does know what it needs to do ahead […]

IT Support in AUSTIN

We have seen many “IT” companies come and go in our 13 years in business. We strive to ALWAYS give our clients the BEST IT Support they have ever received. We turn around computer repairs in 24 hours (in most cases). We show up on time, in uniform, and ready to resolve any issue that […]

IT Service in Austin

I have spoken with most of our customers about what sets us apart from the rest of the IT Service field here in Austin and here’s what I’ve learned. When looking for IT services here in Austin, many customers were expecting to pay large monthly service/monitoring fees. With us, there are NO CONTRACTS. No need to […]