Typo Takes Down Amazon S3

Typo Takes Down Amazon S3

Late last month Amazon S3, the cloud storage platform with nearly fifty percent market share, went down for almost a day. It would seem that a few servers were scheduled to be taken offline for maintenance, but far more servers than intended were taken offline. According to Amazon, one of these servers “manages the metadata […]


We have migrated many of our clients to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones this year. This is a phone service that uses your data lines.  We find that the brand of router has A LOT to do with VoIP working …. or not.  When we started getting more VoIP migrations, we also made the […]

Google Fiber Austin

Google Fiber Austin Google and the city of Austin are having a large press conference sometime on Tuesday to announce a new large project. The rumor is Austin will be the 3rd city to receive Google’s new Fiber Internet. Austin had originally attempted in 2010 to be one of the 1st city’s for the search […]

I Have No Internet

If I get one question from customers over the phone more than any other its ‘my Internet is not working, what do I do.’ And the first step in solving this problem is always finding the culprit. As a residential user our Internet goes through a lot of different devices before it finally makes it […]