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Security Awareness And Training

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Cyber security awareness & training is becoming more important as our lives are becoming more digital.

The web is a dangerous place, and it’s growing more and more dangerous as time goes on. The reality is criminals who used to steal from convenience stores and stop people in back allies are now the same ones who are becoming tech savvy. This means they are now hacking and stealing identities and personal information and selling that data to the highest bidders on the deep web.

With this threat growing as it is, understanding that threat is important – much more so than it has been in the past. This threat targets individuals, businesses, and companies around the world and if precautions are not taken, even you may become a victim.

So, what are we to do about this threat? The first is to take a close look at your security needs. For home owners a simple firewall is enough to prevent outside intrusion, but for businesses a business firewall is the start. You should also look at your practices and policies to make sure there is no leak of information. This includes your trash as many criminals will dig through it looking for information that has been casually discarded.

Training and awareness is a big part of this.

For businesses, they should consider how they can get this training to their employees, either through web based training programs or though seminars and on-site training hosted by IT security professionals. How often have you found a thumb drive and wondered what was on it, so plugged it in to take a look?

Did you know that very same thumb drive could have been a plant with a bug on it? That would compromise the entire network and make any defenses that were put into place null and void. This is just one tactic hackers utilize, along with social engineering attacks, direct penetration attacks and much more.

If you need help with your security, Frankenstein Computers is here to help! We have some of the most highly trained security professionals available in the area who can provide you with a quick, concise review of your network security and help you see what weaknesses you have. We can also provide training and support for getting the word out in your business! If you are even slightly concerned about your security let us know! We’re here to help!

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