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What are you really getting in those deals

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holiday deals

Tis the season for great deals to be had.

However, it is also the season for those “deals” to have the potential to be duds. When it comes to computers, you really get what you pay for. If you are looking to pick up a cheap laptop this season please try to avoid the “door buster deals”. While these “deals” may seem like they are very good, you should take into account the reason why they are being sold at such a cheap price. These computers are built with very poor and low quality parts to allow the low price to be worthwhile. If you are able to spend an extra hundred or two hundred dollars, you could get a laptop that will out perform the door buster system by miles.

We took the time to go through and look at the holiday ads this year.  What we noticed was a significant influx of Chromebook systems popping up. These systems are great for what they re built for, which is right in their name. Chromebooks are what are known as “netbooks”. Which further explains their intended purposes. These systems are meant for basic web browsing and not much more. They can also do video streaming, such as YouTube and Netflix, but when you start to multitask and attempt to use multiple browser tabs you will then notice quality drops on those video streams.

The reason that these Chromebooks can be sold for such extremely low prices is because they are made using low value parts. Now low value does not necessarily mean that they are poor quality, it just means that the price to performance is not there. When looking at computer systems this is the number one item to consider. Most Chromebooks and other low value systems contain Intel Celeron as well as Atom processors. These are dual core processors that are sometimes, more often than not, less powerful than the processor in your modern smartphones.

Now do not let this deter you from these deals completely. There are definitely good deals on computers and laptops if you know what to look for. If you need some help on determining what you should look for, or even if you just want a professional opinion, shop around and give us a call. We are always more than happy to provide some advice to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. We then hope you remember us if your system needs some care. We are your Austin Area Computer Repair and Support company. From all of us here at Frankenstein Computers, to you, Happy Holidays.

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