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New Ransomware: Update your Anti-Virus

While most ransomware tends to work in the same way, cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new and more effective ways to wield their nasty tools. The latest Popcorn Time malware is no exception. First discovered by researchers on the MalwareHunterTeam, the Popcorn Time ransomware offers infected victims two choices for restoring their files – one of which will challenge their moral fiber.  Victims are given the option to pay the fee to decrypt their files or help the ransomware attackers spread the infection to others.

In the ransom message, Popcorn Time developers offer the “nasty” option of sharing a link to the Popcorn Time malware with people they know via email, text, etc. If two or more people end up getting infected by the link and pay the ransom, the attacker will give the original victim the gift of free encryption keys.

While I’d really like to hope that no one would be desperate (or amoral) enough to actually share the Popcorn Time malware link with others, it definitely makes for an interesting study of moral scruples. The Popcorn Time malware is still only in development and hasn’t actually been used in the wild yet, but it’s nonetheless a concerning one to keep an eye on.