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Backups… Again

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backups again

It is time for me to preach about backups again… Again!

Please backup your data by any means. Yet another customer has come to me crying after their hard drive crashed.  20 years worth of family pictures are gone.  The drive is too far gone, even for a data recovery specialist.  This could have easily and inexpensively been avoided.  Local backups are easy.  Get an external hard drive or USB drive and copy and paste your valuable documents to it. Offsite backups are even easier.

Find an offsite backup program you like, install it and let it do all the work.  Your documents will even be safe in case of catastrophic loss of your home or office.  I cannot stress the importance of backing up your data enough.  In the world we live in today, so much of our lives and businesses are stored on computers.  Please, take the time and a little bit of money and insure that you do not lose your data.

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