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300Hz refresh rate screen for gaming laptops.

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Asus has stirred up interest in its gaming display for laptops. These are being tagged as gaming machines with 300Hz displays—meaning? These are gaming laptops that can push refresh rates to 300Hz.

If you are looking into buying a gaming laptop, you will want to consider two more factors: refresh rate and response time. Measured in hertz, the refresh rate is the number of times per second that the screen updates itself. Higher-refresh panels typically help make gaming and even scrolling of 2-D content appear far smoother. Some PC gamers might still laugh at the idea of using a laptop instead of desktop.

Think mobile gaming and see Asus chase the opportunity. Next month, the Asus Zephyrus S GX701 is set to become available as a laptop with the 300Hz screen option. A 300Hz screen can draw five times more frames than the 60Hz displays found on most laptops. The refresh rate can draw a completely new frame every 3.3ms, which is nearly the speed at which the pixels respond.

This means that the screen will be almost perfectly in-sync with the display information given from a running application. This will almost completely reduce blur; the separation of input into the application, and the visual response of the input. Gamers will notice sharper visuals during fast action. Gadgets Now said the Asus GX701 packs a 17-inch display.

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