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24/7/365 Network Monitoring

24/7/365 Network Monitoring…

Frankenstein Computers is about to roll out our new 24/7/365 Network Monitoring Service. For a minimal cost we will will be able to monitor your entire network including:

Connect to the network

  • Install FCN device on network.
  • Configure device to allow remote access from FCN.

Inventory the network

  • Discover and record all systems, servers, printers and devices on the network.
  • Gather all technical data about each device.
  • Track all software on each device to ensure compliance.
  • Keep track of other assets such as mobile phones.
  • All information is stored on the local network to ensure security.

Monitor the network

  • Setup and monitor alerts from Windows on all systems including Windows Updates
  • Monitor all systems for unauthorized third-party software
  • Monitor all systems for status of anti-virus including updates.
  • Automatically identify low disk space on all systems.
  • Monitor bandwidth usage of each device, router and server.
  • Monitor SQL servers and furnish reports.
  • Setup and receive email alerts about potential issues.
  • Monitor real-time Windows performance on all devices.
  • Monitor Exchange server and Outlook in real-time.

Mapping the network

  • Monitor IP addresses of all devices.
  • View how much bandwidth each device is using.
  • Identify network “hotspots” where the bulk of bandwidth is being used.

Troubleshooting the network

  • Monitor processes and software on all systems.
  • Use remote control tools to correct issues.

Monitor Servers on the network

  • Remotely monitor Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Monitor all performance issues.
  • Monitor backup status on all servers.