IT Support in Austin – Fast * Friendly * Reliable

Frankenstein Computers has been servicing Austin and the surrounding areas since 1999. We will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary in October! We have many happy clients and are adding new clients every week. We do not charge a monthly fee and ONLY charge when we do work for our clients. We offer many services, […]

Ransomware plus anonymity = a ruthless combination

CryptoDefense, and its predecessor CryptoLocker, are toxic new names in ransomware. They have only been around since September 2013; few expected them to still be operational, but the numbers are alarming. According to one university survey, 1 in 30 users have been infected, and 40% of those paid the ransom. Here’s how it works: once […]


Well, here we go again … the latest Ransomware virus is out. It is called CryptoDefense, and is yet another virus that encrypts your documents (including pictures, music, Quickbooks files, etc.) and holds them hostage. The virus itself is not difficult to get rid of; most malware scanners and anti-virus programs can detect and remove […]

Why 3D Printers?

First of all, because they are Awesome! The uses for them are only limited by our imagination. Already, 3D printers have made a huge impact in the medical field; printing prosthetics, replacement bones, and plenty of other helpful bits and parts to improve health and quality of life for many patients. 3D printers have been […]