Google Fiber in Austin

A few months ago when Google announced they were bringing Google Fiber to Austin, Texas, Time Warner announced they had a side project they had been working on to bring public Wifi spots to Austin.  With all the fiber excitement this story was a bit lost, but Time Warner announced plans to increase their production […]

Computer Repair Austin

We are committed to providing unsurpassed customer service using cutting-edge technology and equipment. On-Site installs, repairs, and upgrades using only new, high quality, brand name components. Call and ask about our Remote Support. In most cases, we can access your computer remotely using LogMeIn Professional Software. Once we are logged in we can resolve most […]

Computer Repair in Austin

After doing business in Austin for almost 14 years, we here at Frankenstein Computers have seen a lot of other pc repair places come and go.  What keeps us around is our customers.  We strive to offer the best service at an affordable price that we can give and, our customers agree.  We get more […]