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Best of Austin 2016 Poll Ballot – Chronicle

Best of Austin 2016 Poll Ballot – Chronicle

It is time to vote for your favorites in the Chronicle’s Best of Austin for 2016. Please think about noting Frankenstein Computers as the best Computer/Service Repair is Austin, because you know we are! http://www.austinchronicle.com/vote-best-of-austin/ Cheers!

How to make your laptop battery last longer.

How to make your laptop battery last longer.

By g-batteryshop.com While battery life is a chief cause of mobile moans, it’s possible to get significant improvements by simple good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get the most from your laptop battery, here are seven easy ways to make it last longer. Dim your screen The screen is one of […]

Mozilla Releases Firefox 64-bit for Windows

Mozilla Releases Firefox 64-bit for Windows

Finally, Mozilla released a version of Firefox that has been optimized for 64-bit Windows systems. The new version will work on Windows 7/8/8.1 and 10.. You can find it on the “Firefox All Systems” page from Mozilla. This newest version will allow for added performance in applications and games. There may be additional plugins required […]

Spam Filtering

Using a spam filtering service on your email is a useful tool to have in your business today. Spam filters block all those pesky unwanted, and sometimes vulgar, emails that clog up your inbox. Stopping these emails before they get to your inbox not only helps keep your inbox clean, it also frees up time […]

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (Upgrading to Windows 10 has already been proven to cause issues in some systems. Backup your system before upgrading and proceed with caution!) Microsoft just released Windows 10 and has made it free to upgrade Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. For those who have already reserved Windows 10, it should […]

New storage tech from Intel

New storage tech from Intel Tech Giants Intel and Micron have developed a new kind of memory technology that is reported to be 1,000 times faster than the current tech used in RAM and SSD Hard Drives. There are other companies that have talked about new memory tech but, Intel and Micron are going to […]


Trojan.Cryptowall is a Trojan horse that encrypts files on the compromised computer. It then asks the user to pay to have the files decrypted. The Trojan is mainly distributed through spam campaigns, compromised websites, malicious ads, or other malware. Several of our big clients have recently been infected with the Cryptowall viruses. This is a […]

Why is my computer slow?

Why is my computer slow you ask… Ever wake up one day and your computer just decides to skip its coffee that morning? What causes a computer to slow down like this? Well like all things in this world it’s caused by natural wear and tear. “But there’s no moving parts, it’s just electrical signals […]

Should you defrag a solid state drive?

Should you defrag a solid state drive? The short answer is NO. Files are stored on your solid state drives differently from how they are stored on a conventional hard drive. When a file is deleted, it leaves a space there. When another file comes along, that is bigger than that space, Windows stores part […]

Preventing Infection

While everybody who uses the Internet should have good anti-virus protection, all too often this is simply not enough.  When using the Internet everyone should be practicing safe browsing habits as well.  When it comes to the Internet there is no such thing as 100% protection, your computer is a tool and it is only […]