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THANK YOU to ALL Veterans!


We want to send out a special THANK YOU to all current and retired HEROS! We appreciate the dedication, sacrifice, and skill that you have honored us with. We all want peace but when it is time to fight we appreciate everything that you do to protect us.


Thank You for 16 Years!

Thank You2

Thank you! Thank you for 16 wonderful years. Frankenstein got started back in October of 1999 in an office that was 6X10 over off of 53rd and Airport in an alleyway, by a dumpster. It wasn’t the nicest of offices but it was a start. We had ONE client! From there we moved to our […]


2015 Worst Year For OS X Malware

OS X Malware Chart

A report from Bit9 and Carbon Black details how 2015 was the worst year in history for OS X malware. In a 10 week study conducted by both organizations it was discovered that 2015 had 500 percent more malware than 2010-2014 combined. Windows is still the most targeted operating system, but with Apple gaining increased market share we are going to […]




What is virtualization?  Small and medium sized businesses more and more are adopting this technology to save time and money.  For many organizations, having more than one server is unavoidable.  One for managing traffic and services on the domain (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Web IIS services), one for applications (database software utilizing client/server configuration), […]


Oops, I upgraded to Windows 10 by Accident!

Windows-10-TP-Rollback (1)

Microsoft has gotten sneaky with their Windows 10 updates. We’ve recently experienced a trend with the Windows 10 update, even after removing the update, reappearing within the list of available updates. This can cause you to accidentally start the update to Windows 10 process if you’re not careful about the updates that you install. Luckily […]


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


This is the month for the wearing of the Pink! Even the guys on our team are happy to wear Pink to honor our good client and the worthy cause they support. We give annual donations to Susan G. Komen Austin and promote Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing their Pink-ribbonned hats throughout October. Together […]


Recent Scams


Facebook Facebook is asking users not to fall for scams that are being inundated on users’ timelines.  Facebook will not ask anyone to pay a monthly subscription to protect their data.  There is no need to repost any legal message that appears on your timeline.  The most recent version of this scam reads like this… […]


Things you didn’t know you could do with Gmail


If you’ve ever used Google I’m sure you’ve heard of Gmail.  Gmail has become one of the most popular webmail services out there. Even if the person you’re emailing doesn’t have the tell-tale “@gmail.com” address, chances are that they are still using Gmail to host their emails.  Did you know that you can do a […]


Windows 10


Window 10 I upgraded my Windows 8.1 desktop to Windows 10 two weeks ago. I did have to make some minor adjustments to drivers and had to uninstall an older program but I think I like it. One big thing to do is if you have the clamshell start menu for Windows 8 that needs […]