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How strong is your password?


I’ve heard all kinds of methods for creating passwords.  Including but certainly not limited to adding symbols at the beginning or end or using numbers instead of vowels.  One method I’ve used for years was the combination of a color and an animal replacing vowels with numbers… and usually adding an exclamation to the end.  […]


IT Companies


We find that most of our competition worries more about the money or bottom line than they do about customer service. It amazes me how bad some IT companies treat their clients even though they charge more than we do. Frankenstein Computers always places the customer’s needs before our own. We will do whatever it […]


Preventing Infection


While everybody who uses the Internet should have good anti-virus protection, all too often this is simply not enough.  When using the Internet everyone should be practicing safe browsing habits as well.  When it comes to the Internet there is no such thing as 100% protection, your computer is a tool and it is only […]


Intel’s Computer on a Stick


This TINY computer from Intel, running around $100, is meant for those that want to plug their computer into their TVs so that they aren’t limited to sitting at a computer desk to watch streaming video. About 4in long it’s got a lot of power packed into its small frame. Boasting a quad-core 1.4Ghz processor […]


AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router


This router is boasting some of the best stats that you can get without breaking the bank. Currently retailing for around $300 this router features some amazing tech that makes it perfect for larger homes that rely mostly on Wi-Fi for their home networks. Boasting speeds of up to 5330 Mbps it’s by far the […]


IT Support Austin

Our computer repair includes Macs too

With all of the bad in the world when it comes to computers, it helps to have an IT company you can trust. Here at Frankenstein Computers, we strive to offer the best IT support possible without breaking your bank account. We have a very knowledgeable and professional staff willing to do whatever it takes […]


Server 2003 end of life

Server 2003

Microsoft has set the expiration date on the Server 2003 Operating System to July 14th, 2015. This does not mean that your 2003 Server will stop working on that day but it does mean that your server will become more vulnerable to attack every day after that as it will no longer be getting security […]


Car-to-Car Communication


I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercials about the cars with the built-in wireless networks. Well this is just the first step towards an even bigger integration of technologies to make the roads safer for everyone. Recently General Motors has started testing a technology that will allow cars to “talk” to each other and provide […]




A new ransomware called TeslaCrypt was discovered by Fabian Wosar of Emsisoft that encrypts your files using AES encryption and then demands a ransom payment in order to decrypt your files. What makes TeslaCrypt different than other ransomware is its attempt to cash in on the $81 billion game market by placing a strong emphasis on encrypting video game […]


Panda antivirus self-cannibalizes?!


On Wednesday Panda users were told via a tweet that they shouldn’t reboot their computers. Rather concerning message coming from your antivirus software company right?! The Register was the first to report on this saying that some machines are left unstable or unable to access the Internet. Panda’s free antivirus, retail 2015 service, and its […]